Welcome to the Alex O'Brien Tennis Foundation
"Tennis has given me so much in my life, and it gives me great joy to be able to start something where we can give back to such a wonderful game."
Alex O'Brien'
Alex O'Brien
Programs Currently Offered:
Summer Parks Program
  • Partnership with the City of Amarillo, Parks & Recreation Department since 2005
  • Offered at 17 different park recreation sites throughout Amarillo
  • Open to ages of 4-18 years old
  • Zero cost to participate
  • Up to 800 kids participate each summer
Summer Tennis Camp at Memorial
  • New program added in 2018
  • Beginners and intermediate players invited
  • Free play and USTA designed drills and games
  • 140 kids attended
WOWW 2018/2019
  • Window On a Wider World is dedicated to enriching the education of Texas Panhandle students through arts, science and cultural experiences
  • Over 350 pages of education lessons using Tennis as overlying theme
  • 3 Weeks worth of adaptable curriculum
  • Specially designed curriculum that can be checked out by teachers at any area participating WOWW School
  • Subjects include Math, Science, English, and Physical Education
  • Equipment provided
  • Contact your local WOWW Representative for information on signing up
  • 242 kids attended
After School Programs
  • Local elementary schools including Margaret Wills, our pilot program school
  • Additional schools selected through a partnership with Amarillo College Active Youth Engagement Grant
  • Activities include: proper racket techniques, serve and volley instruction, scoring and court etiquette and tennis games
  • We offer more than tennis skills, we also bring leadership training, anti-bully campaigns, and social awareness as well as a chance for STEM, Math, and Language Arts activities
  • Over 600 children expected to attend
Tennis Elite Academy
  • Up to 50 local Amarillo tennis athletes selected to join a private tennis group for in-depth coaching, conditioning, strengths/weaknesses identification and building a plan for improvement
  • Must be under the age of 18 (or a Senior in High School)
  • Invitations are sent on a case to case basis
  • The group meets for 6 weeks at a time, several times during the year
  • Travels to other cities for tennis tournament opportunities
Spring Learn to Play
  • Started in April 2015 with over 450 participants
  • Partnership with Kids, Incorporated
  • Open to children Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • 4 x Saturday sessions
  • Activities include: proper racket techniques, serve and volley instruction, scoring and court etiquette
  • Visit www.kidsinc.org/tennis for upcoming dates